is devoted to release of write-ups, audios and videos aimed at edifying individuals on the faith we have in God through Jesus Christ, and also as regards life and lifestyle, and promises releases on a weekly basis.

These pieces promise to be a great blessing to readers, listeners and viewers.

Gideon Emmanuel is a young man, passionate about his purpose and seeks to explore and exploit optimally every God given potential he has, and help as many as crosses his path to do same.

I strongly believes that man wasn’t created to exist or subsist, but rather to live the beautiful life that awaits us, if only we choose to see it and reach out for it. Seeing the wide spectrum of limitless possibilities waiting to be explored by everyone alive on the earth surface lies within our grasp and laying hold of it is a function of our sovereign choice.

In line with that, I seeks to share any resource I have, so that by knowledge, we are collectively edified and strengthened, build for specific purposes, and are able to stand shoulder to shoulder, with the end that the least of us, be as strong as David.