The mind could tricky, often times believers pray and something tells them that their prayers are or may not be answered. If the mind is not tamed and programmed with the word of God, it has the tendencies of suggesting amazing wild stuff.

A believer could pray and deep in his heart might not believe that the God he just prayed to has both heard and answered him or her. I heard the story of a church who constantly pray that fire would burn down a bar that was located beside it. After incessant prayers, fire eventually gut down the bar and the owner sued the church and as would be expected, the church denied and pleaded not guilty. What was on display here was a church that prayed but didn’t believe in the God whom they were praying to. They didn’t believe that their prayers could be answered, or perhaps they were now afraid because the law was invoked. Either ways, there was an evidence of a people who had unbelief. This is not any different from many believers as some believe more in the power of the devil than God, even though they are aware of the fact that the devil is a creation of God?

Lets us play some mind game here, if you were asked to curse God, would you? I doubt if you would. Now the question is, if God would hear your curses, how much more would be readily hear your blessings, praises, worship and prayers? If we believe that the walls have ears and even the wind carries messages, how much more would an omniscient spirit not hear every whisper that comes from us?

Based on this, it is not possible for your prayers to be unheard by God. If God can hear the plans of the wicked and overturn them, if God can hear the evil intents roaming to and fro the heart of a man and protect the innocent or his elect against such, then surely God hears the prayers of everyone even the prayer of a sinner especially when he is pleading for mercy.

The bible makes us understand that God’s eyes are not blind that they cannot see, his ears are not deaf that He cannot hear is nor are His arms too short that they cannot save us, but our sins have made it impossible.

I would want us to be clear that your sins do not limit Gold in a sense but limit you from receiving what God is offering –salvation, redemption and grace.

Let us have a proper examination again: God’s eyes are not blind; meaning they sustain the ability to see, they are actually seeing: His ears are not deaf; meaning they have the capacity to hear, neither are His arms too short, meaning they are mighty to save at any day and time. But for our sins…

Sin here is like a man who is in an open jail but cannot leave because one of his hand is cuffed to the wall. Freedom stares at him right in the face but sin holds him down from being free.

All this was to make us understand that even your sins does not stop God necessarily but could stop you from accessing the provisions of mercy.

I have friends who have studied demonology and would say that there are specific demons who have been empowered and sent by the devil to block the prayers of the saints. Honestly, that sounds silly to me.

If the meditations of my heart and the silent whispers of my mouth are heard by God, how then would a demon stop my prayers from reaching God?

Once upon a time, I was in a group chat and someone asked a question, can the devil stop our prayers? A stream of answers followed and some were backed up with scriptures. Upon reading the question and the answers that followed, I couldn’t but share what I knew and believed.

One particular group member answered saying it was possible and made reference to Daniel in the bible.

Then he said to me, “Do not
fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and
to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come
because of your words. 13. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia
withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes,
came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.

10: 12- 13.

Therefore we wanted to come to you–even I, Paul, time and again–but
Satan hindered us.

1 Thess. 2: 18

These two scriptures do not show an example
of hindered prayers but rather hindered answers.

Am a trying to say that since the devil
cannot stop our prayers, he might attempt to stop the answers? Well, perhaps.

us properly examine the two scenarios.

the man Daniel was a man who was in the dispensation of the law which was in
itself infirm and limited. The purpose of the law was to show man how deficient
and incapable he was so that when grace would show up, man would appreciate and
value grace.

at the garden, Adam traded dominion in exchange for knowledge of good and evil.
Genesis 1: 26 and Psalm 82 makes it clear to us the purpose of the creation of
man. Man was to replicate what God was doing on the earth and that was why he
was created in Gods image. While God reigned in heaven, man was to be a god on
earth. My piece “What Is Man (I)” and “What Is Man (II)” explains this in

trading of that dominion empowered the devil to do as he deemed fit within the
earth realm. When Jesus died, we went down to hell, contended, prevailed and
retrieved back the key to life and death and little wonder He said all
authority in heaven, on earth and beneath has been given to Him so in the same
vein, he commissioned us all to go into the world…

Also in acts 1: 8, He said, we shall receive power after the Holy spirit had come upon us and we shall witness. If the devil could stop prayers back then because he had the dominion as in the case of Daniel, I doubt if he can do same because as we speak, the table has been turned and dominion is now with God in man.

This Piece will continue in the next post.

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