Some years ago, I engaged in a conversation with a lady as regards the 3 persons listed above and she said to me that Jesus is less than God because God sent him to earth. About a year later, I came across another who couldn’t even stand the nightmare of understanding what’s up with the three.

It’s amazing how believers are deficient knowledge wise, if
we profess to be believers in God through Jesus Christ and by the conviction
made possible by power of the Holy Spirit, then we must of necessity strive to
comprehend who these three persons are and their nature.

 The Father:

While many have a lopsided, clouded, blurred and imbalanced
perception and understanding of what a father means and is, it’s however
unfortunate  that ignorance has never
been to the advantage of the ignorant, it rather limits and places one at a
disadvantaged point.

“Father,” from the Greek “proton” simple means source. The word of God says all good and perfect gift comes from God, the father of light; the source of light. Light symbolizes joy, peace, knowledge and understanding admits many other things. This means these entities and virtues originate from God and God only.

Whenever Father is mentioned, stop seeing a masculine figure
or restrict your thinking to a personality that is limited by gender dichotomy.
Father  connotes source, a source speaks
of the origin, an independent origin that is always and ever sufficient in
Himself, needs no source or supply, needs no replenishment, needs no motivation
to dispense and is ever benevolent, ever refreshing and abundant.

The Son:

Other religions of the world have problems with Christianity
which isn’t a religion but a faith and a lifestyle we have been translated
and  inculcated into. These religions and
believes question how there can be a son without a mother. Well, that pattern
of thought is confining, lacks the slightest element of wisdom and is mundane.

Firstly, we are talking about divinity here, and that means if humanly speaking you must have a mother before a son can be in view, because it is now divinity and spiritual, we should expect some natural laws not to hold sway. This therefore means if it is impossible to have a son without a mother, because it is a spiritual orchestration it will now therefore boycott every natural law known and applicable to the fallen man.

Having said this, I’d like to also say that son here doesn’t
mean an offspring necessarily; son connotes an extension and an expression. The
Bible refers to Jesus as the word of God, words are extensions and essences of
men, it is said that a man cannot be separate from his words and this explains
and demystifies how we can have a son without a mother.

Jesus is said to be the image of the invisible God in
Colossians 1: 15, He is also said to be the brightness of God’s glory, the
express image of God’s person, and upholds all things by the word of His power
(Hebrews 1: 3).

3rd John starts as thus: that which was from the beginning,
which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked
upon and out hands have handled, of the word of life. Talking about Jesus, as a
visible person expressed and felt by men; it also made it clear to us that this
word was from the very beginning (source).

When God sought to reveal, express and unleash himself, he
needed someone who could  contain the
whole of his essence and not leak out, he needed a person who could be an
embodiment of his personality in all descriptions, fashion and style and found
none except his word which was from him and that was no one else but Jesus.
Jesus is simply God extended and expressed.

Jesus himself said, if you have seen me, you have seen the

The Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit, whom the Church and the  world knows very little about is actually
part and parcel of the God head. He is said to be the third person but is in no
way inferior.

He was there in the beginning of beginnings, in eternity
past, Genesis tells us that in the beginning, the spirit of the Lord hovered
over the shapeless, empty and dark world which was filled with water. In that
very part of scripture, you will see that the three persons, father, son and
the spirit were present because God spoke the word and the spirit acted and
brought into being what was spoken.

The spirit and the word work in pari passu, the presence of
the spirit doesn’t guarantee action or manifestation in anyway even though he
is the executioner, he still awaits activation by the reason of the spoken

This principle was first buttressed in creation where we saw
the spirit moving over the waters, a shapeless, void and dark world yet
couldn’t do anything until the word came forth “let there be light”.

Jesus as the living word had to come before the Holy Spirit
would be released upon all men, if Jesus had not come, there wouldn’t be the
Holy Spirit actively working in the earth and in men today.

This same principle was shown forth again, Jesus was
speaking according to John 14: 26, he said, but the comforter who is the Holy
Spirit, whom the father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and
will bring to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

The Holy Spirit (Executioner) will remind them what the word
has taught previously by Jesus.

See also what John 16: 13 says… Howbeit, when he the
spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truths, for he will not
speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak and he will
shew you things to come. He shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine and
shew it unto thee.

Based on the above quoted scripture, the Holyspirit
(Executioner) will guide, his guidance will be based on a laid down principle
of the word (Jesus), his guidance into all truths simply means he will guide us
more and more into the person of Jesus who is the way, the truth and the
. The scripture also says that the Holy spirit (Executioner) not speak
of himself, he will speak as he has heard of the word, he is the executioner.
He didn’t come to seek his own, but to glorify the word.

In summary, the three aren’t inferior one to another and
none is superior, they operate based on an order, distinct yet jointly.

The Father is the Source, the son is the literal Extension
and Expression of the whole Essence of God and his person, while the Holyspirit
is the Executioner of what proceeds from the Source.

The Father, The Son And The Holy Spirit.


  1. I have gotten light,may the Lord bless you and grant you insights into his mystery.thanks

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