By definition, obedience is instance of obeying: the quality or state of being obedient; to obey means to do what someone tells you to do or what a rule, law, etc., says you must do. It is a transitive verb and it means to follow the commands or guidance of; to conform to or comply with; willfully yield to an instruction.

Every Lord or master does not desire obedience, rather demands obedience.

I recall when I was much younger we were taught a song and always asked to sign it, it says “obedience is, the very best way, to show that you believe”: there is also an ancient hymn that happens to be pretty popular, in its wordings it has a part that says:

“trust and obey,

for there’s no other way,

to be happy in Jesus,

but to trust and obey”.

Every elder desires and demands to be obeyed especially when the object the demand is placed on is younger. One of the proofs that one believes is that the believer obeys instructions in accordance to that cause he or she places faith and belief in. One sure way to show forth respect, honor and submission is to always display acts of obedience. Not obedience out of eye service or public show off, rather obedience that comes willingly from the very core of one’s existence, an obedience that does not desire something in return necessarily but motivated and driven by love.

Every man believes in something. Even an atheist that does not believe in the existence of God believes in something. It is gross folly to say “I do not believe in anything”, the one that created and made all placed a vacuum in the hearts of us all, that vacuum cannot be filled by alcohol and definitely  not with the pleasures a man or woman can give. It cannot be filled with money and luxurious items; narcotics, friends or work can try but will fail woefully. Only the one that placed the vacuum there can fill it to overflow, granting absolute peace, joy fulfillment and satisfaction.

To every belief or system of lifestyle, there must be some codes by which the believer abides by. Even the lawless guy abides by the code of lawlessness thereby being a slave to all things and his passions since he has no law or boundary; by extension, everyone is a servant to something, little wonder the great apostle in biblical times said, what you yield yourself to, you become a slave to it. Yield yourself to righteousness and be a slave to righteousness; yield yourself to sin and he a slave to sin; yield yourself to nothing and lawlessness and be a slave to your wavering and directionless passions and feelings, a slave to everything with no sense of purpose and essence.

No one is the ultimate apex, We all have some form of authority we are accountable to, either in our families, league and company of friends, community, government, spiritual authorities, our conscience and ultimately to God.

Somewhere somehow the consciousness of any or all of these keeps us in check and cautions us from partaking in certain activities.

Invariably, we are obedient to some unwritten code. Within or without, the average person is obedient; consciously or unconsciously obedience to a cause is willingly given.

The heart of the average person is rebellious by default. I recall while in elementary school, once there was no instructor in class, we would immediately start making noise and as soon as we know the instructor was around, the class would be as quiet and silent like a graveyard. Many times we were disciplined accordingly or reported to our parents but all to no avail. It never stopped us from making noise. Our instructors would sometimes get tired and almost frustrated so they would ask us to make noise and guess what, that’s when we would become dead quiet, you could literally hear a pin drop such times.

Rebellion is part and parcel of man, this is a default nature that came into being and became effective immediately after the fall in Gen. 3.

It takes a regenerated man to willingly abide by a creed and code especially when the benefits seem not to be in view any time soon.

Cultist keep to their creed and oath not because they cannot violate them, but the fear of the grave repercussions always keep them in check.

Fortunately for believers, the love of God is what compels us to willingly obey, as well as constrains us to live by the statutes of our King, rather than fear, terror or threats of hell.

Terror has never been the perfect tool to keep a people bound, love has proven to be a better captor.

As believers in God and His son Jesus Christ, obedience is not an excess and benevolent desire of the father, it is a prerequisite demand of we must experientially know the God we serve; for He is both a loving father and a sovereign king, He’s the monarch of the universe.

If we must boldly say “He will never leave us nor forsake us”, then it must take time of consistent walk and yielding, where and when ‘revelation knowledge’ is translated to ‘experiential knowledge.’

The God we serve is a God that is in eternity, from dateless time past, till present, and to eternity to come. He is unto infinity and beyond. We humans who happen to be in time for the moment know just a little about Him, we were projected into time, “What Is Man?(I)” spells this out. I would compare with we know to a speckle of dust. Amidst the “little” or “much” that we know, we know him even as he has revealed himself as father, lover, maker, creator, provider, protector, sufficiency, director, comforter, providence, sanctifier, keeper and lots more. Many however fail to know, acknowledge and come to grips to the truth that God is king. Truth here does not only talk about a statement of fact, but the ‘Substance Of Reality’

A king rules and reigns sovereign and supreme, with subjects absolutely loyal to every of his wish.

If this is true, then every instruction God gives us as a father, lover, maker, creator provider, protector, sufficiency, director, comforter, providence and as King demands absolute obedience.

Often times believers have a lopsided perception or approach towards God. They seek to know and have a revelation of a facet of Him more than the other or even choose what revelation they would believe and embrace. Let me explain. There are believers who desire to know God only as father, but you see my friend, God isn’t only a father. There are also some that desire to know him as provider, well; God is more than a provider. There are also some that seek to know Him as king only, this also is not appropriate.

We must receive the Revelation of God even as he gives us as a loving King. Kings rule or make decision from their heads and not from their hearts, that is why they can hang their mothers for treason, behead a loyal adviser who has served their fathers before them if he perceive him a traitor or some plot to overthrow him; send their own brother on exile if found wanting for a crime.

Our God however is a King that rules from his heart, a loving, merciful, compassionate and tender heart. This is what makes the difference between the believe in Jesus and any other faith in the history of humanity, present day and ever will be in the future.

I was once listening to a song, “Sing My Soul” by Planet shakers, the songs starts:

“oh the love of my savior;

oh the love of my King”

I puzzled for a while, is there such a thing as the love of a King? I arrived at this answer, Oh yes, there is such a thing as “The love of my King”. The love I speak about isn’t our love for God our King, rather its God our King’s love for us.

His kind of love isn’t common, only God our Father sustains such capacity.

Ancient kings demand loyalty, and discharge responsibility not love.

Please make no mistake; responsibility and love to a people are not one and the same thing.

In my piece “That they may be one, John….. Feasibility“, I explained what I believe Jesus meant by that prayer He made to the father. I expounded and gave reasons why it is impossible for all believers to come under the umbrella of one denomination or ministry, under one bishop, apostle or Prophet, one of the reasons was that the revelations of God are to vast for any single generation to encapsulate how much more one human being, let’s not go too far, let’s look at the formal education some “existing to acquire”, the more one knows, the less he or she actually knows.

A lecturer during my university days said once said that he sees a professor as one who knows more and more about less and less.

This is absolutely true. More knowledge means narrowing down to a particular field of expertise, thereby laying off other aspects of the field.

If this is true, how much more can we boast to know all of God. No one knows.

Does the elaborated point mean that one cannot know the vast dimensions of God?

He answer is also a blunt No. collectively we will know just enough for this earth walk.

Scriptures says it’s line upon line, percent upon percent. A little here and a little there.

As balanced believers, we MUST experientially know God not only as king, father, comforter, lover or whatever; we must have balanced knowledge of as many dimensions of God as possible even as he proportionately gives us.

In my piece “Blessed Are The pure In Heart, For They Shall see God (I)” and “Blessed Are The pure In Heart, For They Shall see God (II)“, I explained how demands for seeing the reality and power of God are mete out to us by God proportionately. He may demand more fasting from Sir Wilson, more of study from Sir Victor, several hours of prayer from Sir John, or fine blend of the two from Sir Enoch. Or perhaps more of meditation from Lady Sheba.

It is no doubt that we have more graces in varying aspects of the knowledge of our God, but that does not annul the fact that balance is prime.

One topic that was and is still of great controversy especially in ‘orthodox’ settings is ‘Must Every Believer Speak In Tongues?’ and one of the defending reasons why some believe that not every believer should speak in tongues is because they are gifts distributed to all believers. I however believe that every believer can manifest all the gifts of the Holyspirit although in varying proportions and strengths.

Jesus while he walked this earth surface functioned from all the five offices mentioned in Eph 4: 11 at different times. We can know God’s multifarious and multifaceted dimensions, and if this is feasible, then his kingly dimension that demands absolute obedience is non-negotiable and must be experientially known by all believers.

I will continue on this subject in my subsequent releases,



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