In the beginning, God created man in his own image and after his own likeness. It’s a law set by God in his supremacy and sovereignty that every creature can only reproduce after its own kind, a gazelle can only reproduce a gazelle, a lion reproduce’s a lion, a sheep cannot reproduce a unicorn. This therefore means that at creation, God reproduced a god, little wonder the bible tells us that God intended to create man in his image and after his likeness (Gen.1: 26), Psalm 82: 6 tells us further that we are gods and children of the most high. It is also important to know that a son does not necessarily mean the product of the fusion of the male and female, rather, it means an expression, extension, a replica, a protégé, a re-production.
At creation, God gave man an instruction, to tend and take care of the garden and all that is in it, the land itself, the terrestrial beings, the celestial beings as well as the aquatic organisms, both plants and animals. Even though the dimensions of the garden isn’t stated in the bible, it is no doubt that the garden was quiet a large one. It would be quiet easy if a servant was asked of his master to take care of a house although this depends on the size of the house. Only a hard master would ask a servant to take care of five houses without some form of help or subordinates. Man was not only asked to take care of and over see ten houses, but obviously a very large expanse of land, with several ecological systems interwoven. This therefore means that man was saddled with quiet a great responsibility, and man had to posses some super abilities, otherwise, the assignment God gave him was simply impossible. Furthermore, man was asked to reproduce and multiply, replenish and subdue the earth.

Permit a little diversion here, if there wasn’t a large expanse of land left vacant without the physical and or spiritual representative of the government of God the creator, the instruction to multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it would not have been given. A godly man having ungodly offspring isn’t reproduction; likewise an ungodly man having godly offspring isn’t reproduction. Giving birth after your own kind is re-production. So Adam was in God’s image and likeness, and after the fall, Cain and all others that came subsequently were in the image of his fallen father, Adam not God, (Gen. 5: 3) And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth. 
Also if there wasn’t anything to subdue, man also would not have been saddled with the responsibility of dominating and subduing, because the creator himself said, dominates.
You would agree with me that for man to be able to fully perform his roles, job and function even as instructed by God in the garden, he needed some form of supernatural abilities. Otherwise, how then would he tend after the fowls of the air, the terrestrial animals and the fishes of the sea, considering their vastness and population?
Also, the bible made us understand that when Adam named the animals, whatever he called them became their names. What an ability, to name all of God’s creation.
To have a clue of the vast and great ability the first man has, let’s consider the story of Noah and the ark. Noah was asked to take all the animals. Consider the large and almost incomprehensible species of both plants and animals, clean and unclean, how can a normal man; name all the animals in one day? Literally impossible. Not even a demigod can do such.
Moreover, we have already established that a goat begat a goat, likewise a dog, a dog. Crowning it up is psalm 82.
This however, is the accurate description of what Elohim created until the fall, when all the godlike abilities in man had to be made dormant and latent.
Praise be God, for he indeed is a good God. The bible tells us that the gifting and callings of God are without repentance, they are irrevocable, i.e. our God is too good and faithful to give and take back. Gifting may be misused, lost, left to lay dormant, but are never retrieved back by our good God the giver. And with him, whose mercies are ever new, there is a restoration even as his arms are always wide open. God is just, both to us, himself, and even Lucifer the fallen arch angel. This simply explains why the arch angel’s abilities weren’t retrieved by God after his treason and rebellion. He was simply flushed out of the heaven of God to the earth, with the intent that man, who was later going to be created will be the god on earth and should rule over Lucifer, (Rev. 12: 7, 12: 12). That however went sour and that’s also not our topic for this masterpiece.
Having buttressed that man was like God, both in morphology and physiology, and that after the fall, became mortal, this means that man became amorphous, a strange being, a creature of his own creation quiet different from what God had in mind and expressed in creation. This however, Christ came to redeem.
Immediately after the fall, all through the Old Testament, God tried and succeeded in revealing himself in bits and pieces, little dimensions here and there, until Jesus showed on the scene, God himself said, this is my son, with whom I am well please, this happened at the river Jordan, when John baptized him, John 3: 17. The second scenario was at the mount of transfiguration and this time around, the father added, “Listen to Him”, Matt. 17:5. In Hebrews 1: 3, Jesus was said to be the son of God and the living word of God, who is the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and upholds all things by the word of his power. Until then, the perfect epitome and essence of “The Man” was still not in tangible view.
The frail man became a mortal being, death doomed,  this means that irrespective of what he does, death, eternal separation from God was his inevitable end. However, this state of mortality does not only mean separation from God, but a great incapacitation. The real man that God created or had in mind to see unleashed upon the earth had been lost, what was left was a man who by default, functioned out rightly against the principles and statutes of God, whose life was an epitome of rebellion, who was sensual and totally dead to the spirit. This default man was now unintentionally in a pact with the devil, to stand against God.
God is spirit, and those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth. The very breath of God, his pneuma was what sustained man, and is still what still man till date, irrespective of whether you believe that Jesus is Lord or not, for in creation, God breath in his breath into man, and man became a living soul.
At recreation, when we received the life of Christ, the ZOE which he died so we might have, our spirit is immediately regenerated, and that of our souls is a continuous process by the workings of the word of God and his spirit, and that of our bodies will be at the resurrection. When God relates to a man, his spirit is the vessel and point of reception, i.e. the part that receives the signal and a man’s ability to rightly interpret and willfully respond to such is important. When this direction is received, it’s transmitted to the realm of the mind. Many at times, this is where the war begins.
Jesus Christ, while on earth just before his death took his disciples to a garden to pray and asked them to tarry with him, while he went abit further to pray. After an hour, he returned only to fine them asleep, he said, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”. This happened two more times.
This means there are times in our lives when we receive divine instructions from God, but never get to carry them out, not because we necessarily do not love God, but because the other components of our being that are not in absolute synchrony and consonance with the present state of the spirit.
This tells us there is a limitation that this flesh, the body we presently are in, possesses. This has a way of limiting us from fully yield and being conduits by which the heavens will evade the earth. God desires that we be mobile portals by which he will pass through, as access points and reveal himself, vessels that will contain and carry his person, essence and power to the nations of the earth, to the uttermost.
Heaven and earth were not designed to function apart, but rather, in asymmetric and incoherent concinnity. God intended that as he is God in heaven, man will be the god on earth; this explains why man could not be created in any other image or likeness, but rather, same as God’s. Our level of yieldedness will determine how deep the romance between the heaven and the earth will be, for until the heavens kiss the earth, until it is on earth even as it is in the heavens, until the knowledge of the glory of the lord takes over the earth as the water covers the sea, the supreme sovereignty of God over the heavens, earth and beneath will be in doubt.

In our bid to yield, we are confronted with the limitations and incompetence of the flesh, its frail nature, and its default state of rebellion against the activities of the spirit, as well as deadness and irresponsiveness to the spirit of God. This state is common to all un-regenerated persons, and even some who are learning the strides and the pathway of the spirit. It is a “like passion” in that is common.
Anyone who the above description suits the definition of his person is said to be “a man of like passion.”
Desire to break out and reach God, but constrained by the body, due to its state of mortality.
The big question is, does this form the basis for an excuse as to why we should not or cannot do the biddings of God fully, or attain unto our optimum potential in God?
…………………… be continued………………………..


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