There is a striking difference between existing and living. Science has divided matter into two, the living and non living, animate and inanimate. A living and animate object possess life, while a nonliving doesn’t so therefore it simply exist

Plants, animals and even human beings have life and therefore, can be said to be living and animate. Doorpost, chairs household upholsters and utensils do not.
Life without a positive influence and impact in ones immediate environment can also be regarded as existing. This is because life is seen and felt so when nothing around can feel your presence or absence, that is proof that although you possess life, you still are existing or at best, subsisting.
Therefore as believers, we ought to positively impact our immediate environment, i.e. both the living and non living things around us should feel the effect of our living.
Jesus did not come to make bad people good, rather, he came to give dead people life. Many at times, people are asked to give their lives to Jesus, but more appropriately, we are called to receive the life, ZOE that Jesus died that we may have. Our natural life at its best even when improved upon cannot yield to accomplish God’s plans and purposes.
John 1: 1-9 tells us a lot especially verse 4. Is says, … him was life, and that life is the light of men
Jesus talking again in chapter 15 verses 1 to 9, also make us understand that he (Jesus) is the vine, we are the branches, we should abide in him, and he in us, for outside him, we cannot do anything. Our purpose of being connected to the vine is to bear fruit.
The light, who is also the life (energy producing brightness) of men that shines in darkness and is visible but not comprehendible, tells us he is the vine, from where we the branches get life and nutrition, balance and stability, to the simple intent that we bare fruit, explicitly tells us here that unless we abide in him, and he in us, i.e. an inflow and outflow, a dialogue, a two way communication and relationship, unless that characterizes us or is the description of our lives, we simply are existing.
No one can live without God, even the devil thrives on the supplies of Yahweh. God told Adam, that in the day you eat the fruit, you will surely die (Gen. 2: 17, 3: 3), death isn’t ceasation of life or the extinguishing of breath from one’s lungs necessarily, but disconnection and excommunication from God, who is life himself, life personified.
Therefore, until we have the person of Jesus, the light and life of men, the son of God and the living word of God, who is the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and upholds all things by the word of his power, until we have him and he has us, we cannot bare fruits, i.e. the spirit cannot work in us, both to will and to do of God’s good pleasure because consistently in scripture, the word always preceded the spirit. Words are vessels that carry spirit(s), so Jesus spoke and said, these words that I speak to you are spirit and life (John 6: 63). The vine produce fruits for the vine master to behold, partake of, be satisfied and feel pleasure. The fruit here is further buttressed in Gal 5: 22-25, it’s called the fruit of the spirit, because the word goes forth and the spirit acts on it, and this is consistent all through scripture.
This means, if our lives must be pleasurable to God, we must be living and illuminating as lights not hidden under the bushel, but set high to help men see. And for this to be possible, we must stay connected to the vine, the living word of God, for in him we have life and outside him, we simply exist.
Reach out for life today.
Stop existing and start living.
Until you live out your optimum potential, don’t stop.


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